About us

Three tired but happy judges.Please note short/sock combo modelled here by Jayne and her legs!

Jacky Ruddock- judge (and owner since April 2019)

I have always been fascinated by animals; my two main passions being dogs and tapirs! Over the last 30 years I have trained my own and other people’s dogs for T.V work, Obedience, Agility and TD Rally®. Having retired from teaching, I spend a lot of time working 1:1 with specific behavioural issues. I particularly enjoy the challenge of working in a positive manner with reactive dogs. I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor(CD).

Over the last few years I have been actively involved in Tapir Conservation and I am a member of The Tapir Specialist Group. I have spent time in Peru training a tapir living on an ecological project and have recently been involved in a research project in The Pantanal.

I am passionate about Talking Dogs® Rally and love meeting like-minded people who enjoy having fun with their pet dogs in a non-pressured environment.

Tanya Butler

Tanya Butler – in her own words……

I have competed in Obedience, Flyball, Talking Dogs (TD) Rally and Kennel Club (KC) Rally as well as training my little working cocker spaniel, Flick, as a Search and Rescue Dog. I now breed and hope to show my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Meggie, as well as working my border collie, Viva, in Obedience. I am a KC and TD Rally judge. I have experience in teaching pet dog owners in basic obedience, competition Obedience, KC and TD Rally, Scentwork, Search and Tracking as well as gundogs.

Rhia Butler

Rhia Butler – in her own words….

I have been instructing dog training classes and canine behavioural training for ten years. I trained my first dog, Barney, when I was just six years old. I currently have three dogs of my own: a border collie called Chaos; a little rescue lurcher called Eevee, and a rescue Pomeranian called Luxio. I am a Talking Dogs Rally judge and compete when able; I also have experience in competing and training Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Scentwork, Canicross and Tricks. From a very young age I knew I wanted to work with animals; I fully intended to become a veterinary surgeon but my passion for dogs and all things canine quickly became my obsession….. the way they think, problem-solve, their social and familial interactions completely fascinate me and I am constantly amazed by them. Every dog that I work with teaches me something new, as no two dogs are the same. True, I’ve probably come across pretty much the whole gamut of behavioural issues that dogs present, but each has its own particular idiosyncrasies that make each case unique and I love every single one of them…. 

Amie Matthews

Amie Matthews-in her own words…

I have always lived with dogs. My family is involved with training, working and breeding dogs and I have inherited this passion. From attending Young Kennel Club camps to working gun dogs and training pet dogs, I have always been interested in trying new activities with my dogs. I love Talking Dogs Scentwork®, as does my WHP x springer, Yogi, and it was through this that I became interested in TD Rally®. A late convert to TD Rally®, I now compete with two of my dogs, Percy the labrador and Tablet my young cocker spaniel. During the last few years I have been helping Pam in TD Rally® HQ, inputting all the results to the database and sorting out the rosettes, in addition to stewarding and even hosting a trial myself. This has given me a thorough working knowledge of how the sport functions and how best to help all those involved. Becoming a Judge was the next step, one that I was pleased to take.

Susan Coulstock

Susan Coulstock-in her own words

I first got interested in dogs and training through my mum’s involvement with a dog training club when I was a child. In 1990 I took an active role in home training and Breed Showing our own dogs. I soon realised, even having done at well at breed shows including Crufts, that I really enjoyed Obedience training more and that Breed Showing bored me. I therefore took the obedience route and started working my dogs, eventually learning to train other people and their dogs.

In around 2011 some of our class members had been to a TD Rally training day and encouraged us to take a look. Both Mum and I fell in love with the sport and took it on in the early days. I since took other routes and the TD training took a side seat. I picked TD Rally up again with Jacky last year and decided to take a more active role; running vital training sessions and becoming a judge.

I currently own and work two Shetland Sheepdogs called Ricky and Luke.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the trials in 2022! 

Jayne ( J C ) Crowther

Jayne Crowther- in her own words

I began training my own dogs in TDR® some 10 years ago when both my Maltese, Jasper, and I had outgrown the training that was on offer locally. I wanted to be part of something that would enable me to keep training Jasper in a fun way whilst building his confidence. I was also looking for a training challenge and a method of honing life skills.

When Snoopy came into my life as an 8 week old Cockerpoo, it was natural that he would become involved in TDR® and he began in Puppy Class; quickly gaining a Puppy Title and an Award of Excellence. Snoopy and I have worked steadily through the levels and are on our way to gaining our Level 3 Championship in 2022. We will then start working our way through the Veteran levels!

I have recently registered as a team with Dexter who belongs to my friend Ann and we have started working at Veteran Level 1 in the Online versions of Talking Dogs Rally®.

I am truly honoured to be appointed as a TDR® judge as it means that I can give something back to the sport that has enriched my life with my dogs.

It does sound ‘cheesy’ but TDR® is a genuine extended ‘family’ for me and my dogs. I look forward to watching you all working your amazing companions in Live and Online trials and hopefully enabling you to reach your potential in the sport that I love so dearly.

Jacky Burden

Jacky and Marley Black

Jacky Burden- in her own words

I have always loved dogs & thoroughly enjoy their company & adventures. I am not a dog trainer although my background is in training & assessing. I run a local community dog rally group & am also very involved in dog rescue.

I competed for the first time in Talking Dogs Rally in 2014, with my lab x pointer rescue, Marley, when he was about 9 yrs old. We learnt together & I love the teamwork & communication that TDR encourages & the friendships that are fostered by TDR. In September 2018, Marley achieved his Level 3 Championship, aged 13 yrs & continued competing in TDR Trials, with great joy & enthusiasm, until 15 yrs old.  

I currently compete in TDR with our dog, Amber, a street/pound dog from Cyprus, who is working towards her L3 Champ. We also compete in Scentwork/Nosework, KC Rally Online & do a bit of agility & tracking for fun.

My passion for dog training began with our family border collie when I was about 14. For almost 20 years I have run pet dog training classes as well as offering 1-1 training and behavioural support. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my three dogs and enjoy competing in obedience and have recently started agility.

Having discovered Talking Dogs Rally in 2015 I immediately got the bug and went on a mission to increase awareness of TDR in the North East of England. Now I run regular classes and host a few trials a year.

Currently I take part with my Dalmatian Cross Rossi who has his Veteran Level 3 title and my Border Terrier Dreya who has her puppy championship. 

I love the atmosphere at a Talking Dogs Rally trial and the support that everyone gives each other. I’m proud to have been appointed as a TDR judge, allowing me to give back to this fabulous sport.

Lucy Dawson- Admin Support (and frequent Trial Host)!

Lucy Dawson-in her own words

I have owned dogs since 2002, starting out by showing them and then trying obedience. Thanks to an American forum, I had heard of rally obedience before it came to the UK and had thought it sounded like great fun, so I went to the first APDT introductory session and was hooked!

Starting with my Cavalier Ellie, I have competed in KC rally, PDRO rally, and of course the best rally there is, Talking Dogs Rally! Ellie was the first dog to be awarded with a Level 3 Title, just before her retirement, and was succeeded by daughter Hetty who is currently the only dog holding a Championship title in every TD level. Her daughter Katie is now taking on the rally world in her turn and loving it!

I started running trials in the days when they often only offered Level 1 and Veteran Level 1 classes as I wanted Hetty to have a chance of gaining her Puppy Title and Championship, and have been enjoying them so much I have run trials ever since. I look forward to many more years of TD rallying with my friends!

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