Q. Is Talking Dogs Rally® different from other types of rally?

A. Yes. Each type of rally has it’s own rules. Our rules encourage natural movement, have a high emphasis on health and welfare, allow food and toy rewards, allow headcollars and harnesses, and set teams up to compete against their own scores more than against each other. TD Rally® is fully committed to helping pet dogs and their owners enjoy working at home and in public by providing practical exercises that can be used in everyday life. Each level allows inexperienced handlers to grow in confidence as their dogs grow in ability. TD Rally® is not competitive obedience with signs!

Q. How old does my dog have to be to compete?

A. Puppies 6 months – 8 months can compete in the Puppy Level. Dogs over 1 year old compete at all other levels.

Q. My dog is not pedigree. Can she compete?

A. Absolutely! Yes! Pedigree, crossbreeds and mongrels are all welcome.

Q. Can I use food to reward my dog during competitions?

A. Yes, in all levels. No luring is allowed, but you can reward your dog with food, toys, touch and praise once he has completed the station.

Q. I have a disability. Can I compete in Talking Dogs Rally®?

A. Yes, just contact the TD Rally® office and we will register any modifications you might require.

Q. My dog has a disability. Can she compete in Talking Dogs Rally®?

A. Yes, providing she is not in any pain or discomfort and a vet has confirmed she is fit to compete. Contact the TD Rally® office and we will register any modifications she might require.

Q.My dog has been registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs. Can she compete in Talking Dogs Rally®? 

A. Yes. Your dog can compete wearing a muzzle and a lead or long line (depending on the class entered.)

Q.  My family and I would all like to compete with our dog.  Is that allowed?

A.  Of course, we have a special registration for families; up to four members can be registered at a reduced rate.

Q. Would my 10 year old daughter be allowed to compete with our dog?

A. Yes, we welcome junior handlers from 7 years old. 

Q. Can I compete in Talking Dogs Rally® if I compete in other Rally competitions?

A. Yes, as long as you are registered with Talking Dogs Rally®.

Q. How many titles can I earn?

A.You can earn a Level title in each level, Puppy through to Veteran.  Once you gain your Level title you can compete for Championship status. 

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