Annual Maintenance Fee

Talking Dogs Rally® Annual Maintenance Fee 2024. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

It’s that time of year again when I collect Annual Maintenance Fees from members. TDR® does not make a profit and aims to merely break even. The AMF goes towards Titles, Championships, AOEs and admin. costs such as insurance, postage and database/website upkeep. The AMF remains at £5 for your first dog and £2 for each extra dog you work. For example, a handler with 3 dogs would pay £9.

I am eager to ensure that no-one is unable to compete for financial reasons and therefore, due to the continuing high cost of living, I have decided this year to again ask each member to pay their AMF ONLY IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO DO SO. I will keep no payment records and teams will be able to compete in both live and online trials for the year whether they have paid or not. Please don’t feel under any pressure to pay, TDR® will be able to manage for 2024!

Payments can either be made by cheque payable to J.Ruddock, 100 New Street, Ash, Kent, CT3 2BN or by Bank Transfer HSBC 40-16-11 72619423

If I don’t see you until 2024 TDR® wishes you a very Merry Christmas!